Bracing up for the battle

It was a dreadful atmosphere, when I set sailing for an audacious voyage at the stroke of midnight with the sole aim to make it to the shore by getting the optimum marks. Cause….Hell Yeah, My External viva was scheduled for the next dawn.                         

Amidst the dark and silence, I marched towards the study table and ascended my throne which was glittering in dark under the shower of study lamp. Without wasting anymore time, I took my first and the most important step, grabbing my phone. Since you cant jaunt for a treasure hunt without a map, and our map is holy syllabi !                                

 I initiated the search operation for the Syllabus of my exam. Scrolling through all the WhatsApp trivia and chats,ranging from class to the friend’s groups, the creepy jokes to the Serious help notes, finally I was staring at the bunch of lines which were more precious than anything to me at the moment .

 I patted myself and chuckled for a while until Sherlock Holmes intruded and played his theme song which certainly notified me for a call on my cell phone. With no doubt, I could expect only one figure at this moment, who’ll rang me up. On the receiving end, the familiar voice asked, “Bhai! Kitna padh liya..??” whose only motto was to know if I’d studied or conquered enough syllabus to the extent this person has. And on conversing with him, amid the hush-hush and the freaky talks there was a sigh of relief that I’m not alone. There’s quiet a few more who woke up tonight with me. We all were on the same boat.

After the ‘MidnightKiBaat’ episode, I solemnly converged into my books, not even eyed my cellphone even when it buzzed with the notifications. I was gliding through the xerox notes of the Dexter of our class with the gracious support of my OFFLINE Playlist concerting in the background.

I paused for a buffet in midway of the journey to satisfy the hungry beast inside me. I ran my vision scaling the whole room and within the moment I was having blue eyes on my mate’s territory. The packets and jars filled with homemade stuffs aka ghar-ka-nashta which can lure any sad soul who’s the victim of mess-ka-khana. So I gingerly raised the cap, had my Bon Appetit and partied in the dark, yet in silence.

Resuming the hiatus, this time with a little bit of yawning and drowsiness I was trying to wrap up fast. There was still a Unit to be fought but I was a man of principles and preferred not to be a greedy rather than to remain contended in my own coat. Captivated under the sleepy temptation, I summoned Alexa for the alarm, seized the blanket and was hugging my bed, the very next moment.

But the sailing was still undone and its gonna be an exciting encounter the coming day as I gear up for my Viva and hope to TRUMP it.                                                                                                                            

Till then….      


© 2017 WittyAyJ 

The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.  


42 thoughts on “Bracing up for the battle

  1. Hi Witty, thanks for the follow. I am now following your blog as well. So far, I have only read two of your posts, but I liked them very much. You are very creative and I like your style. I look forward to reading more. I have to catch up. I am so far behing. Keep writing.

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      1. Yes, I know, but I did not catch your name. Mine is Kathy. What is yours so next time I can call you your name?
        But you are witty, so that is appropriate.

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  2. I love your style of writing.I find it so humorous.Your content deals with experiences that are so relatable and common and your the way you articulate it all in words makes it worth reading.

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  3. And yeah this is what reminds me of my school days and even today as I am in the college ;

    ”On the receiving end,the familiar voice asked,”Bhai! Kitna padh liya??” whose only motto was to know if I’d studied or conquered enough syllabus to the extent this person has. And on conversing with him,amid the hush-hush and the freaky talks there was a sigh of relief that I’m not alone.”

    Seriously it is so much of relief to know that the other person is sailing on the same boat as we are….It relieves the tension of drowning..hahaah


    1. oh oh… plzz dont take me so high.. I’m just an ordinary one .
      It feels so much pleasure on hearing such warm words. If it entertains you , enjoy other posts too… Stay witty !!


  4. Long ago one of our profs remarked one night on seeing darkness in student dorms at 2 AM, “looks like we are not giving them enough work”. Hope today’s students have more understanding profs and teachers 🙂

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