Bracing up for the Battle Part-2

………I was about to excel the viva with flying  for the first time in my life , Suddenly a melodious Beep note played in the middle and ruined my victory march.                                 It was time to get back in reality and to make the shore on time.I geared up with my Stationery weapons and reluctantly eager to resume the journey.I was pretty sure even today I’ll made it to class with 5-10 minutess delay.                                                I was terribly worried about the coming incidents as there’s gonna be the presence of people who would love to slaughter me on this very particular ocassion. That not only points to my teacher who’s just hates me , idk why but there’s another one…                                                                                                                                                              That one most disreputated  nerd…the lone warrior of by-heart studies in our class,whose only notes are the reason for survival of the Back benchers along with the Part timers.                                                                                                                                                      But today is some other day,I’m stuck in his group along with other 2 for the viva.The other 2 are no more Einstein than him.One is like my henchman who’s even petty than me…still carefree and willing to face all obstacles with his tooth broken laughter.                                                                                                                                                                   The last but surely not the least is the only attraction of our group,a girl.  The word itself establishes an entirely different rules of law to be practiced on her.Never noticed much about her,but she was in the toper’s list and we all still wanna know……How ??  ( surely a matter to research )                                                                  Being a Fine-prone college,we always kept a distance from all kind of malpractices and remain punctual (ocassionaly !)                                                       So the stage was set,appointed faculties were relaxing on their ‘Throne of Thorns’ (Student Jargons). Staring the students like they’re gonna take the revenge of whole semester in the same viva. All were silent as goat outside but bubbling inside like lava.                                                   It was our group’s turn…we’re called upon.But only 2 faces showed up. First was undoubtedly the ‘BookWorm’ accompanied by my wanderer friend. Both sat silently until the assistant raised from the chair and enquire for the rest of two.              In the mean time I made a hurried entry and was left upon to be stared by the whole class.I tried the ‘Bus Delay’ excuse and was doing well but the other professor interrupted.Sighting all the rules and lessons, the cloud burst upon , bringing a good entertainment for others and moments to giggle about.              Finally the rain drops ran out, he frowned and asked about the last unoccupied chair.We’re gazing each other…trying our shot at face-reader.  “May I come in sir ??”,a light voice splashed in the silent class. She’s been so much late on this very significant day.                                                                                                                                                         Nearly half of the class was as excited to stand on their seats.It’s surely gonna be an interesting contest between the girl and the professor whose temper is at the boiling point.                                                                                                                                                 We all were curious with ears in our hand to hear the Explosion…..                       But the bomb never exploded, don’t know how but it got diffused as soon as she reached and apologized.                   The atmosphere went cool,everyone was stunned. The firecracker got cracked but out came just the short Drizzle.                                                                    We next focused our attention to hear the excuse…but it was even more funny and shitty than mine.                      ‘I got fever so…woke up late’ …. No Problem,try soon from the next time. And she was guided to her sit with the at most care and  hospitality.                                                                                                                                                    I was really unable to digest the abrupt insurgence of Feminism in the veins of that whimsical man.                               Next It’s time for the interrogation session where they’ll be firing loads of questions on us…and lets see who’ll be able to satisfy them.                                     

 If its gonna be more favorable climate or might be rain waiting for us.                                Catch it all… The next blog                                                        Till Then !

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The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.  


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