Bracing up for the Battle Part – 3

  After an eventful fortnight and thrilling  welcome , it was the time. With a commanding voice, we four were summoned to the judgement area. We’re moving swiftly from the outside but the heart beating even Bolt from the inside. Mind wandering in the thoughts of future predictions, nose getting clumsy from the chalk-dust atmosphere in the suburbs of blackboard, hands responding to the 👍 from fellow mates who’d already battled the wrath of the two knights waiting for us in the warzone.

My prime aim was to grab the last chair and be the neighbor of that cool looking assistant and most importantly to abandon the nerd in my group !! So I raced in the direction and was about to feel that chair when the shrilling voice directed us to align in accordance with the roll calls and to my surprise I got sandwitched !! Though we were pretty much confident as following the code of law, we’ve already interrogated from our predecessor martyrs, “Bhai, Kya Puchha??” knowing of which gave a sense of relief that at least we can face the trial ball !

It was finally the time to make the shore and it started with the buzzing of Introduction session where we’re first time invited to give brief intro about ourselves and confirming if we are the same guys and not their doppelgangers. After the formal intro session, it was the epoch of Battle for which I’d burnt midnight oil the last night and we were on mercury high and the hunters were gazing on their lame preys. The HighSparrow was all set, clenching his fist ready with the canons to be fired upon us.

My poor friend was the first knight to step into the RingOfKing. The rocket was launched and even before it landed, my friend was sweating away. The first ball just bounced over his head leaving him frozen and his eyes were hunting me for some sort of assistance. But he didn’t knew that I was JonSnow(knew nothing). Even I was pale and riding my brain horses, still unable to find the finish line. The start was so bad  it shrugged both of us and we were afraid what havoc now our neighbour’s gonna wreck !

The external raised the toughness level and pitched a hot bubbling question on our Topper, maybe he wasn’t aware of this guy’s chronicles, coz our master blaster scored the home run. The teacher got aghast but instead of acknowledging our prodigy, he looked in anguish and took a gig.

Recovering from the unexpected face-off, his eyes now slowly riveting on the last slot which was occupied by the mysterious girl ! She too was blanching but to our surprise a grim landed on external’s face vanishing the previous hostility. The whole crowd was gambling as all turned Hawking. The expressions of the girl were clearly indicating her free fall. Amidst the muttering, a piercing rather polite voice rose and offered the silent sitting lady a glass of water. And we were like “sir , we also came from the Sahara, show some mercy on us too”. But his highness weren’t bothered at all, perhaps he was alienated more towards Feminism, comforting the galway girl.

May be its just the male instincts, yeah we can understand but at least he’ll not be flexible while asking the question, we thought. The circus viewers were all set, awaiting an Apocalypse and irresistible eve when the volcano will burst open….. but It never occurred !

The Watchdog of Women Empowerment instead laid a bed of roses for the miserable innocent lady. He took the narrow route and gently confirmed of what she knew from the syllabus, still the divine soul kept mum and gave a wonderful excuse of being sick and ‘not much studied’. The teacher left no stone unturned, aspiring to become the head of Women Commission, merely uttered the two subtle words ‘No Problem’ which literally created tremors as if why we weren’t girls !

Finally the dimples on the either side of her face met, and a curvy line of smile came up on her DP. While on the other Planet our curiosity faded away and we’re taken aback by the jolt this Women’s Club Secretary has given us. So, our stint got ended in dismay and we’re busy in the Mannequin Challenge, hands on head, eyes wide open and brainstorming like never before…..unable to digest what a day it had turn into. But, I reached my friend who was next in the Ninja Warriors list for the showdown and asked him for a favor! He agreed wholeheartedly like any true friend, just with the additional GST of a mini party ! Coming out, my companion completed his words. While his viva, he rolled down his eyes on the inverted list of grades awarded which I’d told him to see. He confirmed it twice before the Tornado struck the coast. The grades of me and my friend were same ‘B-‘ , we both just took a sigh at least not ‘D’ (fail) and the peace was restored.

But it was again just the beginner’s luck, the further info paralyzed us. The marks of the rest two were dubious . Our geek guy went in dismay when the truth came into light, he got a ‘C+’ and the Mother of Irony was, the girl swept away the stage with a whopping ‘A’. The boy on the spot went in an active comma and we’re pinching if its the reality. We’re seeing the catastrophe as we’d just witnessed a US Election where out of nowhere the girl did a Trump and our Prodigy got devastated like Hillary !!       

Hence , it embarks the demolition of Mankind’s faith in their hardwork, either be a star to other’s eye or get ready to become a Starboy   😉    !!!

© 2017 WittyAyJ 

The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.  


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