Stuffs Hanged Up

Last night i went to sleep before time,with an ambition to wake up early ,thrashing all the homeworks and projects…so i can fully enjoy my Weekend

But this all just became Hypothetical facts when you turned behind and see…
waking up late,forbidding all alarms to stop you and finally putting your legs out of the bed ninty minutes past the last alarm.

Although i’m awake now,again focussing towards my goal,i brushed soon.Next job was to catch newspaper and as usual spent half an hour,one of the few activities im really proud of being praised.
It was untill 12 that i was dressed up finshed my lunch.There was a whole day waiting for me to release the arrow and shatter my work….UNTILL
My dear friend came and knocked “Bhai,MiniMilitia khelega “
Damn It,how can i resist such a Philanthropic game , fighting for the existence of humanity. I willfully joined the company of saviours of the World.
(Even this was the game which helped me to mingle with other hostelers,Oh i jst forgot…its been just a day since i’d arrived to a new place so called “Dungeon of Students ” )
It seemed like my watch got a fatigue,it started racing with me,my leisure time and i was miserably left to watch the time struck 2 ‘O clock.w1

Still i was a warrior, i never accepted defeats.Like a obedient guy,i straight away went to my study table. MyGod…..not again !!
As soon as i marched on the table , through the cornered eyes,i glanced a novel.It was right in the middle of the Books Batallion,slightly pulled off,sufficient to catch my eye.

Being such a generous person,I felt PITY for that pretty novel,Well off cover-eye catchy Praises . But still like a cruel man,i didnt bothered to open it.

So in order to justify my kindness, I gently took the book, giving it rooftop on the building of my notes and stuffs.And the journey began, like a knight defying all enemies,ruffling through the pages untill i felt a sigh of dizziness.The GOD of Electric Department also conspired to havee some rest as the lights were cut off.I was obliged to put it aside.

Inspired by the series of evnts and a little bit of my yawning and kind of misty eyes, i felt a responsibility to give my body a proper rest.

And with no formal announcement, within a few minutes I was hugging my bed in what may be called a Short nap for 45 minutes.

Once again i was staring at my watch,wondering what revenge does it seeks from me.

After finishing the dinner,its already Half Past 7.

Neverthless,being a man of schedule and i never like to compromise it. okayY there are exceptions some time…I mean like today.

I tied my laces and rise up to the starting line,The gate of my hostel where i would start my post dinner walk.

I started my excursion,trying to explore my new surroundings,mainly focussing the best food stalls or the cafes i can find. I preferred a juice parlour and enjoyed the television there. ( And I’m not a glutton ) !

With an amusing time of around 35 minutes, I felt the red ribbon as i crossed the gate. Unfortunately, there was neither a podium nor a medal, but still a part of my brain telling to accomplish my prime goal.

I rushed upstairs but only to find the Unbelievable,Imaginary and mesmerising thing.I was in enigma for the moment and was stunned…… ShitT…. Man it’s a Jio sim !!

Yes Jio, thinking of which every student put ON their WiFi. They aspired to get rid of their expensive data packs,voice packs. And here my room-mate somehow managed to buy it:- so called ‘Need Of The Hour ‘ for many people of this country.

So,in a friendly gesture I asked (sorry requested or may be begged ) for the hotspot. And he gingerly obeyed me as nobody likes to refuse a gracious person.

Being a new generation lad, I avidly participated in Harnessing Technology challenge.From chatting to tweeting buffering to downloading, I topped the chart amidst of other contestants in serving the Network waves.

As soon as I got free of the Techy round, My sleeping alarm beeped.Like an adranile rush, I thought of my pending mission still in the rows of To-do list.

I had a deep sigh and murmered better luck next time…as you all know I never tend to manipulate my scheduled slots.But I’ll try my best to find this stuffs a place in my tomorrow’s line-up.

OOPS…tomorrow’s Sunday………….rare chances.But I’m an optimist, ‘ll figure it out !

Till next time….

Β© 2017 WittyAyJ

The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.


90 thoughts on “Stuffs Hanged Up

  1. I came by to thank you for the follow ta Soul Gifts and to welcome you to my blogging community – and I see you are new to blogging too. Enjoy. And good luck with your studies !

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  2. Ah, you wrote a post I can so relate to when I plan to sit and write, early on a Saturday morning. I’ve organized my teas, finished novel I was reading, started laundry ( that could have waited), and now, with a peek at WordPress done, I’m ready for a mid morning nap.
    Thanks for the visit and support of my site!

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  3. This post is so relatable.The way you describe your experience throws light on your great sense of humor.I enjoyed it completely and also loved the quote pic that you added in this article.This is what I keep saying to my mom how my procrastination is effective and productive..hahaha

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  4. Kudos, you really did an amazing job with words right here! So relatabale haha (I’m an ideal procastinator, nice to meet you!). You’re a great writer! Keep up the good work πŸ˜€

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  5. Lol! What a day! This reminded me of my own days in college and my roomies. You so want to just study and do what needs to be done, but then there’s so many distractions and only one life! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  6. Haha…i can totally relate…my college days were pretty much all about…mini militia, coc and series of well series… is a very understandable post…great words and written perfectly….and its sunday soon again…so better get started to get some rest!

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    1. ohH.. I’m damn glad you highlighted those keywords which actually was proud of , superb na..
      and tysm again.. keep reading for more fun !!
      P.S. :- Dont curse me for the spoiler I gave πŸ˜‰

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