A knock with GoT

Ever since I was a kid, I used to hate Mondays coz they played the villain in my sweet Fairytale weekend and bumped outta nowhere to switch back Mourndays.

But tides turned, as soon as I passed up high school and ended up on the footsteps of Youth Cathedral aka College! The coins flipped, skies met and I found myself in the lap of Albums and fantasy series abiding the so called Modern Culture; errupting into an urgent amendment in my Wishlist and declaring Monday my best day!

This was for my recent crush Mr.Martin (wait.. Its nothing like that) who was actually an assasin but his brutality was the sole reason I ought to like Mondays. I tend to wake up early and was fun brainstorming new theories.It was kinda a thrill, a reason, an adventurous ride, it was the House Of Cards of medival days…

It was the ‘Game of THRONES’ !!!!

I still remember the day, there seemed a commotion from a distance, my friend surrounded by bunch of guys. I thought maybe he’s on peak in attendence and hence getting punishable treatment. But gazing close, he was the Jesus and the rest his disciples.

Sending a video to the rest he stand in the midst and others were worshipping like this very guy was the saviour, their Placement Officer. Though the i-phone fella was in solitude, coz of his rare and heavenly mechanism of sharing files.

I reached out and enquired, then my friend enlightened me..

Dude this’s GoT, most epic series of the era and you’ll not be accepted by the Ownerable Students Community if you abandon it.Also Its got biggest audience ever and you can join us and be a Record holder too. Its got drama, fantasy, horror, action and scenes too!

So aspiring to get a record on my name,I went onboard. And today I’ve achieved so much..

  • I can proudly recall and relate “who’s that character??
  • People first contact me if I’ve got the episode yet !
  • A gang to oppose the goons claiming ” GoT is highly overrated !”
  • To lay out the timeline lists when to “pause, swipe backwards and play” .
  • Special help to the people who wanna spoil their friends with deadly spoilers for their past sins.
  • Not to forgot the philantropic help to the underprivileged guys who’d no one ” to discuss today’s episode “

Moreover ….wish to sit on Iron Throne, contact me in the comments.. surely we can arrange something with Marty !

Till then.. Stay Witty Stay Awesome and btw Dany’s Dragon is dead *tears*

Oops *Spoiler alert*

ยฉ 2017 WittyAyJ

Pics taken from pinterest .
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