Today the best peoples of the world are celebrating the Freedom Day. The day which every citizen waits coz it’ll bring a one day holiday and best if it gets on Mon/Fri for a combo weekend package.

There’s a lot to brag onthe ongoing discussion on freedom.. do we really got it or still its light years far of our reach !!

Lets face it , I’m not anyone’s slave , I’m inhaling O2 free of cost.. Moreover My twitter account is not suspended at all (though its not verified too ) , So am I the only guy exploiting the marvelous juice of Freedom from this golden bird !!!

The current situation is prevailing coz the gullible people whom God has equipped with mighty 5 power-ups of senses have stopped using them , rather they’ve discovered a new art of analysis and understanding facts through the lens of Social Media , where a third party guides you who are your friends and followers ; whom you should mute & block . And special mention to the people who aspire to win an i-phone sending messgs to 15 groups.

I mean come’on guys , the World is a better place . At least the boring but the GM whatsApp mssgs are peaceful and less hazardous than the people who likes to play the blame game, trolling, bullying, spreading hatred with false claims, mocking with memes (DoNot pronounce it May-May).

So please Get Smart. Be sound. Be sensible (Its okay not upto my level.. should be better than Trump). My timeline needs more like you for the future trends to come..

The Winter Is Coming ¡¡¡¡

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