The Encroachment

When you just woke up one day and realize the weather being so normal… No more shivers, no more cold combats with wash basin, no more excuses for skipping the bath and a long sound sleep.

It all seems a perfect way to kickstart but Ugh… now I hate this perfection.

Despite it was trek, the fun filled ride got more lit with the music all around. Thanks to the Maaaahi-Wayyyy anthem and spacious soothing playlist of a charismatic guy, the passengers were rescued from surrendering to the deadly combo of ‘Lamborgini & Sakhiya’.

Every journey has twists and turns and people usually try to abstain but the dog squad equipped with best cameras is always craving for that controversial click and than leaķ. A new dawn circulating new stories and traveller gossips about the relationships. Almost all permutations and combinations were applied and no single soul was left behind in the kiki witch-hunt whose name wasn’t dragged to the relationship court and asked to testify.

The 12 dirty minds squeezed into a single tent turned out to be the crazziest memory of the trip. You may not find space for your legs but there was an ample room to accommodate the crush stories floating around. The ambience was lit with the range of double meaning bullets fired from every corner in the flashlight shadow. The night which enlightens your creative mind and you’re no longer the same forever to interpret the naughtiest shit out of plain simple words(#chayan). One just has to listen, notice another face, capture their creepy smile and dive into oblivion to bring out the weirdest thoughts of your adult imagination. And to the surprise, every other person was best at this.

Some bizzare takeways :
People say weird har-kuch things, but one needs to be smart(not)gadha to bring the KatKat out of the stupid bets. People do miss mam’o or hod on the trip, while some prefer play it being the uparwala. Keep patience and jain food will always be there like Captain Marvel to the rescue. The destruction caused by +4/+2 and 7 is unrepairable; try not to make it 3 strikes and upset your Uno neighbours. Play it safe sage like Prateek and never misspell the most Yashaswi names. Hurricanes can enter your life and cause tabaahi but one needs to learn from the chunnu(smallest) of mistakes.

And special mention to OnePlus 6T, Mountain dogs, Uno Cards, Bounce speaker, Sualal’s Kachori and the random Zomato guy for their philanthropic roles. Can’t imagine a time without mocking this guys and chatting all night like we knew each other for more than 3 years days, ‘wish there could be more.

To the best of the times ………….


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