Missed Meet-up

Guilt, a remorse, a regret. Can’t remember any more synonyms but least for now they are suffice to aptly dictate my state.

Scrolling down through those WA stories, my n/w connection a symptom of poverty, images were taking time to load; but in those singleton seconds I know how badly I’d flush into despair once the loading picture would come to life.

So I opened, I saw and I was abashed. The multitude of stories blazzing tap after tap; pushing me deeper on the banks of oblivion gap adding gap.

The sorority was jovial in the pics and this idiotic brother was adding on a view to their stories whilst they celebrated Bhai_Dooj as well as a special birthdaY. Who to blame this time.. when its a blend of your own mistakes and the lost moments.

The emotions were nothing but far from riveting to words.. just to tie it up :

” A frame I was stalking; A face, I was missing “


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