Hairs of the Heir  part – 2

      Following the FamilyDrama, I reached the mercenary and Mr. HairSlayer were geared up. I cursed him (from inside) , and he guided me to sit and be comfortable but I was in burning pain. His weapons were glittering ; fully loaded with the ammo.

    And with that he openfired against my black army . Till the peace restored, its gone too late.. there was a scene with brute at its peak and viciously murdered dead bodies lying flat on the delicate carpet.

     There were sprinkled droplets on my face instead of tears , some dead remains sticked to my chin and others were lying flat on that silk battlefield cloth.

    In the mean time , Telivision sets were put ON and I remained dumbstruck discovering that they are playing patriotic songs and paying their homage to commemorate the martyrdom of this brave sepoys.

    I was staring the NewMe in the translucent foggy glass which was the closest witness of this bloodshed. A thought strucked me, what I aspired once of La La Land with the long hairs and now here I am still doubting if its not much Worse than the previous one.

    Whatsoever, no stone can be turned from here, my own parents were the masterminds of this conspiracy . In other words actually , it was Fault In My Stars !!  

My throat got choked when the inner me reminded – 

what I dreamed to be Harry Styles 

and now here I am half to Louis

   After this episode of Assasins Creed, the barber was welcoming the new assignment on his WarChair and I was left alone, standing in the corner preparing for my Walk Of Shame through the King’s Landing .

© 2017 WittyAyJ 

The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.       



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