Hairs of the Heir  part – 2

Following the Familydrama, I reached the mercenary and Mr. HairSlayer was geared up. I cursed him (from inside), and he escorted me to the sit, made amends to adjust chair with my height and comfort level but I was in burning pain. His weapons were glittering; fully loaded with the ammo.

And with that he open-fired against my black army. Till the peace restored, its gone too late.. there was a scene with brute at its peak and viciously murdered dead bodies lying flat on the delicate carpet. There were sprinkled droplets on my face instead of tears, some dead remains glued to my chin and others were lying steady on that silk battlefield cloth.

In the mean time, Television sets were put ON and I remained dumbstruck discovering that they are playing patriotic songs and paying their homage to commemorate the martyrdom of this brave sepoys.

I was staring the NewMe in the translucent foggy glass which was the closest witness of this bloodshed. A thought struck me, what I aspired once of La La Land with the long hairs and now here I am still doubting if its not much worse than the previous one.

Whatsoever, no stone can be turned from here, my own parents were the masterminds of this conspiracy. In other words actually, it was Fault In My Stars !!

My throat got choked when the inner me reminded –

what I dreamed to be Harry Styles 

and now here I am half the Harry Potter

After this episode of Assassins Creed, the barber was welcoming the new assignment on his WarChair whilst I was left alone, standing in the corner preparing for my Walk Of Shame through the King’s Landing…

© 2017 WittyAyJ 

The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.       



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